Experience the fun features of Pocket Mon Go Slot Game

Pocket Mon Go slot machine game is an exciting game having progressive jackpot amount. It is the only Pocket Mon related slot machine game present in the world. The game is absolutely free to play and you can experience the fun features of Pocket Mon Go slot game and enjoy all the standard features in this game.

It is the slot machine game for all the Pocket Mon lovers who have always wanted to play something related to Pocket Mon.

Experience the Fun Features of Pocket Mon Go Slot Game Payout:

Squirtle: it is the highest paying character of the Pocket Mon Go slot machine of Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins game. It can pay up to 500 massive jackpot win. It is basically a small blue turtle in the game which packs a mighty punch in the game.

Slowbro: it is the second best character of the Pocket Mon Go slot machine game. It can up to massive 400 coins at a maximum bet on the winning lines. It is pink in colour with a fat tail, fangs and a smooth tanned tummy.

Flareon: it pays up to 300 massive coins win. It is basically a cross between a lion, a fox and liquid cute. It is a little mammalian Pocket Mon with a shaggy mane and orange fur.

Zapdos: it is a terrifying avian Pocket Mon which looks like a big bird on meth. They control electricity and might electrify your winning line to the tune of 250 smackers at the maximum payout.

Experience the fun features of Pocket Mon Go Slot Game
Experience the fun features of Pocket Mon Go Slot Game

Dratini: it is the cross of a bat and a slug which pays out the maximum of 150 coins win.

Marill:  Marill is Pocket Mon’s loveable balloon-mouse hybrid who might net you an eye-popping 80 coins win at the maximum bet.

Pikachu: it is the most famous Pocket Mon character. A yellow bunny having the sunshine smile. He can pocket you 60 coins for a win.

Bulbasaur: this Pocket Mon character will pocket you 40 coins for a win. If it could sound, it must have sounded as ‘roaarrr’.

Pocket Mon Go!: it is the LOGO of the game which can payout up to 30 coins.

Hoppip: it is a little pig with a plant as hair is not very common but is still very important. It pays out 20 coins for a win.

More About Pocket Mon Go Slot Game

Pocket Mon Go slot machine game is an interesting game which is easily available also at all the Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. You must first get associated with any of the live casinos and enjoy this brilliant game. It is not yet an official slot machine game but you can enjoy it for free. The layout is exactly like the slot machine games. There are pay lines, reels, coins, jackpots and every other thing a slot machine must have.

It is an online game which you can play from your homes as well. You can enjoy the luxury of playing actual slot machine game by playing this game right from your home. The game can also be downloaded in android and ios phones so you can play it whenever you want to and from wherever you like.

This slot machine game is a brilliant choice for all the Pocket Mon Go! Fanatics. It is designed exactly like the Pocket Mon theme and you must try this game if you are a lover of Pocket Mon.

Pocket Mon Go slot machine game is an excellent slot machine game having brilliant features and interesting graphics can be played at slot betting sites like Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. It is the best game for the beginners and for the Pocket Mon lovers.

It has all the characters in the game giving different payout rate. It also has other additional features as well which make the game even better and more exciting. You must play this game and enhance your gambling experience.

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